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– EST 2018 –

The Name
of The
Young Sustainable Brand...


Vanilla Sand is born from the first assortment of travel staples in lightweight fabrics & earth-toned color palette.

Each garment is 100% sustainably made in Portugal - more precisely in the North - with the highest quality materials that are sourced from the Middle East.

We support family-driven farms, built on strong personal relationships with the factory owners to ensure their factory's integrity and maintain ethical production practices at every step of the process.

The collection #sandgirls includes our 100 % rattan bags. Alike the clothing, the bags are light, pure and greatly convenient. We are designing those in Bali in Indonesia.

It is a collection for attentive women, who are looking for travel staples at their cosmopolitan destinations, which uphold the fusion between culture, authenticity and nature.

Each piece is marked by the most relevant trends and by its softness and lightweight fabrics.


– Local Matters –

All of our pieces are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) FairTrade® certification.