– EST 2018 –

Vanilla Sand
with a simple mission:...


We let everyone showing off in summer by offering summer wear, which has not only classic and colourful patterns & appealing form-fitting cuts, but also is locally sustainably made. 

All clothing as well as the bags are light, pure and greatly convenient to match with the latest trend fibres for a perfect fit for every body!

It is a collection for attentive women and, lately welcoming men, who are looking for effortless design and high-quality nature-friendly pieces to live a lifestyle, which uphold the fusion between culture, authenticity and nature. 

Each piece is marked by the most relevant trends coming from Portugal and Brasil.



We keep going to offer you sustainable pieces with the latest trend fibres with optimal fit for every one! Super excited to share our passion for sustainable fashion here with you. Try on our pieces and see what the fuss is all about and make it yours too. You won’t regret it!
— Co-Founder, Corinna